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My Soapbox Moment… A little rant about faith and Christianity!


My dear readers – it’s time for a little rant. Every day, I get on FB and I see posts from people who are overly pushy in their faith. I mean pages and pages from one person giving an entire theology class on what they believe. What is worse is the fear I have that I have joined the extreme-views area of the internet like others I know. I truly hope not! I hope that the honesty and simple faith that you expect from me is still present. But I don’t know for sure, honestly, I don’t. So, I worry about it.

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Wait-Training… Building Our Spiritual Muscles

Ask the workout buffs among us, and they will have very strong (pun intended) opinions about the best ways to work out. Some will tell you that the best way to train is resistance training (such as with stretchy band thingies or large tires or putting a jump rope around your legs as you attempt to swim against the hot-tub current). Others will tell you that the best way to work out is to grunt and yell and push 500+ pounds over your head as you convenience the entire gym that you are more dramatic than you are smart, since obviously you don’t want to use a spotter to make sure it doesn’t drop on your head.

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