Here Are 3 Tips On Having A Great Walk With God …


Faith… In religious circles, we throw that word around, as if we all have it all figured out and our lives are perfect. We encourage people to ‘keep the faith,’ but, come on, what does that mean? We sound like God is our everything, don’t we? Oh, and then there is the question we all ask when we are alone or tired  – “How do we make this easier?” “Am I doing it all right?” and “What is the formula for a great walk with God?”

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2 Ways To Beat The Bad Days…


We all love stories about people who actually make a choice for their lives, don’t we? We love to hear about them…

Changing a path,

creating a different ending,

inspiring others,

always having hope…

These are the stories worth telling, books worth reading and movies worth seeing. What if your story could be one of these worth sharing? 

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Let’s Talk About Rainstorms…

Right now, I have the windows open and I keep staring out the window, just listening to the rainfall outside. Now my part lab-part pit bull, on the other hand, is not enjoying the storm nor is she feeling peaceful and keeps hiding in her kennel with her ‘safety blanket,’ because rain (and water) scares her. It has to be her pit bull side, the big baby. She figured out that it was safer with me and sat under my feet for the full hour that it was raining. This is the rainy season where I live at, so we have storms 2-3 times a week. Let’s look at some of the things we see from the Bible about rainstorms…

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Wait-Training… Building Our Spiritual Muscles

Ask the workout buffs among us, and they will have very strong (pun intended) opinions about the best ways to work out. Some will tell you that the best way to train is resistance training (such as with stretchy band thingies or large tires or putting a jump rope around your legs as you attempt to swim against the hot-tub current). Others will tell you that the best way to work out is to grunt and yell and push 500+ pounds over your head as you convenience the entire gym that you are more dramatic than you are smart, since obviously you don’t want to use a spotter to make sure it doesn’t drop on your head.

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