My Soapbox Moment… A little rant about faith and Christianity!


My dear readers – it’s time for a little rant. Every day, I get on FB and I see posts from people who are overly pushy in their faith. I mean pages and pages from one person giving an entire theology class on what they believe. What is worse is the fear I have that I have joined the extreme-views area of the internet like others I know. I truly hope not! I hope that the honesty and simple faith that you expect from me is still present. But I don’t know for sure, honestly, I don’t. So, I worry about it.

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2 Ways To Beat The Bad Days…


We all love stories about people who actually make a choice for their lives, don’t we? We love to hear about them…

Changing a path,

creating a different ending,

inspiring others,

always having hope…

These are the stories worth telling, books worth reading and movies worth seeing. What if your story could be one of these worth sharing? 

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