“Not Good Enough” to “Taking On The World!”


I would dance, but someone called me fat and clumsy. I used to sing, but it was way too off-key. I always had a laugh, but wouldn’t ya know, someone thought it was fake. I used to trust, but he said I was naïve. I was positive, but life beat me down. I love to feel beautiful, but many have said that makes me ‘an ungodly Christian.’ I feel like myself with my short hair, but others said it made me un-dateable. I would have smiled, but she said I was being too flirty. I offered my heart, but you took advantage of it. I loved to bake, until someone said it wasn’t healthy enough. I once had an idea or two, but they said I was too bossy. I once had a voice, but was told it was too loud.

Yes, my bravery is used up, my courage is gone. I remember when I had it, when trying came easy. Like a kid learning to ride a bike, I knew I would always try find my balance again. But now? Well, as you can see, these voices from my past are now my own. Those voices have become my own. And, now I must re-learn who I am. I must re-remember how to dance and be brave. Do you know what makes me dance? Have you learned how to bring the wholeness out of the brokenness? Tell me – Do you know how to get me back to believing again?

Have you gotten back to that place yet?

Yes… that is it, isn’t it? You are reading this, because you have the same scars!

You don’t remember a time without those voices in your head.

But somewhere, deep inside, you wonder too.

How do we get back to that place of bravery and confidence?

How do we let the past go and reach for what could be?

How do we return to the point of wholeness and freedom?

Let us think about this –

When the clock is stilled and the rush of life is ended, will you look back in pride for conquering the limitations of your past? Or will you go to your grave, the prisoner in chains to someone who never realized what they did to you?

Let us move forward as freed conquers who have conquered in love, conquered out desperation, conquered so the fear won’t win. Conquer however you must, but you must conquer. It is more than forgiveness, it is re-writing your mind to hear the truth about yourself. The truth about others and the journey they are on. The truth about what you are capable of. The truth of what wholeness looks like. Listen to the voice of truth, lean on your faith. Hear the words of truth spoken by the one who created you.

This week, as I have fought these voices myself, I have realized some things that may help.

1) Learn the triggers.

Yes, your past has triggers, and if you aren’t careful, you will allow your triggers to dictate relationships, careers, dreams and even silly things like what you cook for dinner.

2) Walk away…

when you feel a trigger coming on, don’t continue doing what caused it. Walk away so you can reflect on what your mind is telling you and you can identify the fears and chains you are in.

3) Get creative.

Creativity forces your brain to stop panicking, because it switches which part of your brain is working. Do you have a hobby or love to run? Go for it and the comparisons will begin to decrease.

4) Listen to your own advice.

What would you say to your best friend or spouse? How would you respond to their pain and past? Listen to those words you would say to them and BELIEVE them yourself!

5) Do it for yourself!

Strive for better for your own reasons, for being who YOU want to be. Don’t change or challenge yourself based on gaining another’s approval, do it because it is who you are and it is what matters to you.

6) Don’t be that voice.

Don’t repeat the struggles you have had, don’t repeat someone else’s mistakes, don’t be your own worst enemy. Speak life and live rejoicing! Always find ways to speak truth to others AND yourself. Be the unshakable voice in their heads AND in your head that says dreams are possible.


We can’t change those words and actions that changed us. Our destiny can be changed by dwelling in those moments. This is my challenge to you, to myself, today –  let us chose our thoughts with care and intention and gratitude! Let us take these 6 small, very small, steps toward freedom. Yes, the bondage was begun by others, but let it be our choice to end it as we put these 6 ideas into practice. Let me know how it is going for you! One step to freedom at a time, remember… you were meant to be kings and queens!