Here Are 3 Tips On Having A Great Walk With God …


Faith… In religious circles, we throw that word around, as if we all have it all figured out and our lives are perfect. We encourage people to ‘keep the faith,’ but, come on, what does that mean? We sound like God is our everything, don’t we? Oh, and then there is the question we all ask when we are alone or tired  – “How do we make this easier?” “Am I doing it all right?” and “What is the formula for a great walk with God?”

                Seriously, I know I have been wondering that myself for a while now. But here is what I feel God keeps reminding me of…

0e1277ed7e954f240cb7141936de1d3aGod doesn’t require big faith…

Most days, I end up saying, “Well, God I’m trying, but it sure doesn’t seem like much!” How about you? Jesus talked about a mustard seed, one of the smallest seeds there is, but when planted in faith, it can yield a humongous harvest. Maybe I am paraphrasing a little bit, but that is how it reads to me. I always felt that the point of that story was to remind us how far a little true faith can go. Just a little, consistent faith in God’s unseen power will change your life forever!

It’s Okay That You Don’t Have It All Together!

Hey, my blog is now titled “All My Chaos,” if that doesn’t sound like someone who is pulling their hair out trying to be perfect, I don’t know how else to show you that I struggle with this too! In a world where comparing ourselves to others is the norm, we do not understand that God has never measured us by another’s faith. But God keeps reminding me that perfection is not the point. The point is progress, it is growth. The point is more about trying. It is about trying to be more loving, more kind, more generous – and God wants to help us get there. As we depend more and more on God’s wisdom, we find that these characteristics that are lacking in our lives begin to grow until they have taken over our old ways.

God Just Wants To Be Our Grandfather…2e7705ececed8dbf4e86c37ed6928929

Okay, yes, I have read the Bible enough to know that it uses the term “Father,” but I struggle with that image a little. But, I don’t struggle with the Grandfather image. I remember talking to my grandparents like they were friends, being amazed at their kindness and stories, ready for a new adventure with them and they always wanted to spoil us. See, even for someone who has written a book on prayer, I still spend a lot of time wondering if my prayers are too simple. I still don’t know. But here is how I have decided to visualize my relationship with God, I try to see it as what I remember time with my grandparents, and then I don’t doubt my simple prayers anymore. There is a great big God bending down to listen to us and to talk with us through our problems and pain and to spoil us as much as we are willing to depend on his help for, all we have to do is start the conversation with Him.

Here is an easy-to-save list of Bible passages on faith. I hope it is a great blessing to you this week.


Hey, I want to hear from you… which verse are you using this week to keep you focused on having consistent faith that keeps trying and simple prayers that keep communication open with God? Write your answer in the comments below, and please share this blog with your friends if this blog touched your faith.